What defines someone who is smart? Is it purely brainpower, or is it something more? Perseverance, flexibility, the ability to reinvent oneself? Winnipeg musician Cat Jahnke, currently a participant on the reality TV show Canada’s Smartest Person, has all of those qualities in spades.

For over 10 years, Cat has built a loyal fan base across Canada, touring regularly and releasing 4 albums. And her hard work has been noticed, garnering her a nomination for “Contemporary Vocalist of the Year” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2011, second place in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition, and funding from arts associations like FACTOR and Manitoba Film and Sound.

Cat has proven her flexibility, and the strength of her musical chops, by contributing work to a diverse range of projects including a webseries (NBC’s “Ctrl”), indie documentaries (Men with Beards, Letters to our Children), and video games (iDance, Daymare Cat). Her songs have been part of such high-profile TV shows as Dance Moms, Degrassi: The New Generation, and MTV Live.

A musical chameleon, Cat is constantly reinventing herself: as a folk musician, film composer, a video game character (in Daymare Cat, an online game played over a million times), and now as a reality show contestant. In her newest incarnation, a pop/dance musical project called Cat and the Menagerie, Cat Jahnke has proven yet again that she is capable of upending expectations and delighting fans, both old and new, with her music.

Canada’s Smartest Person? Maybe. But for now, she is content to be what she is: a creative powerhouse who shows no signs of slowing down, or settling for the status quo. What will she do next?

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